One Fluffy Please

imageMiss 2 and I had a girls day today so what else is there to do but go shopping?! We had our list but our first on the agenda was a drink. We arrived at The Hub aka Hornby Mall at 12.30 so the cafes were quite busy. The first one we went into had no tables so that wasn’t going to work. Then I noticed Esqiures tucked away and looking quite empty. Let’s take our chances…

We walked in and the cabinets looked OK. I ordered a fluffy for Miss, a latte for me and a date scone to share. The fluffy was free which was a pleasant surprise. We sat down and waited. I started to worry. Everybody else seemed to be at least 70. That’s when I noticed the 10% discount for gold card (over 65) holders. The menu also seemed to have lots of mince… I didn’t have high hopes.

Then it arrived. The fluffy is truly the best we have seen. Decent size but only 2/3rds filled so these guys know their consumers. Hot chocolate powder and a dash of syrup to make the face. Fluffy milk without being too hot. Two pink marshmallow ears that didn’t last long with a white fluffy on the side. Miss 2 squealed with delight when she saw it. The first thing to go was the ears. It was demolished very quickly!

We will be back very soon to order two fluffies and an iced chocolate….

Two Fluffies and an Iced Chocolate Please

We love going out for a good coffee and catch up with our friends (preferably with cake involved).  And its amazing how hit and miss a decent fluffy and iced chocolate are.  My two preschoolers have been served a wide variety of steamed milk concoctions.  Some with sprinkles, some with chocolate syrup and most with a sweet thing to nibble on the side.  The favourite out there at the moment seems to be a small chocolate fish or “sprat”.  Then there are places where (gasp), a fluffy is just a fluffy.  No sprinkles, no syrup, no sweet.  We won’t be going back again!

And then there is our Iced Chocolate loving friend.  He is very fussy about his iced chocolates.  It must have a straw and a long-handled spoon for starters.  It must have cream.  It should have ice-cream.  But just like fluffies, not all iced chocolates are created equal.

So, dear reader, we thought it was time to save you the misery and disappointment of a bad fluffy or iced chocolate.

Now to sort out our next coffee date…..